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Windows Live Movie Maker Free Download

Windows Live Movie Maker Free Download will help you to download and install a complete and free version which is malware free and stand alone. Windows Live Movie Maker Free setup is compatible with 32 bit and 64 bit windows.

General Overview of Windows Live Movie Maker

Useful freeware that is pointed solidly at the easygoing buyer group, Microsoft’s Windows Live Movie Maker effectively transforms photographs and video cuts into slideshows and films on Vista and Windows 7. In any case, its toolset and interface do not have a specific advancement that clients of all levels would appreciate. The application comes packaged into the cumbersome Windows Live Essentials suite of applications; to isolated it out, you’ll have to uncheck alternate boxes before introducing.

With everything taken into account, Windows Live Movie Maker is conventional freeware that satisfies its guarantee of making motion pictures quick. You won’t discover numerous propelled apparatuses, yet more yearning sorts can in any case make intriguing recordings and slideshows.

Best Features of Windows Live Movie Maker

Following is a list of core features of Windows Live Movie Maker Free that can be experienced by doing once the Windows Live Movie Maker Free Download and install.

  • Easy to use.
  • Simple Interface.
  • Supports almost all formats.
  • Takes less memory.
  • Video transition effects.
  • Text can be added in the video.

Some of the features are newly added in latest version. That are:

  • Support for recording voiceovers was restored, along with an audio mixer and integration with several free stock music services.
  • H.264/MP4 is now the default export format, replacing Windows Media Video.
  • Support for uploading to Vimeo was added.
  • Hardware accelerated video stabilization was added for Windows 8 users.

Technical Details of Windows Live Movie Maker Setup

Go through the given below technical setup details for an ease in Windows Live Movie Maker Free Download.

  • Software Full Name and Version: Windows Live Movie Maker V2012
  • Name Of Setup File: wlsetup-web.exe
  • Full Size of Setup: 1.18MB
  • Setup Type: Offline Installer / Full Standalone Setup
  • Compatible With: 32 Bit (x86) / 64 Bit (x64)
  • Latest Version Release Date: May 14, 2013
  • License Type: Free Trail
  • Publisher: Microsoft

Minimum System Requirements for Windows Live Movie Maker

Make sure the given below minimum system specifications before starting Windows Live Movie Maker Free Download.

  • Operating System: Windows XP / Win 7/ Win 8
  • Memory (RAM): 256 MB
  • Hard Disk Space: 2MB
  • Processor: Intel Penitum IV or above
  • Additional Req: DirectX 9

Windows Live Movie Maker Free Download

Click on the given below button of Download Now and start Windows Live Movie Maker Free Download.

How To Download Windows Live Mail


Windows Live Mail is the latest free email application from Microsoft, offering the ability to set up multiple accounts within it, including webmail accounts, along with the ability to use it offline. This guide explains how to download it to your computer.


This guide has been written for Windows users.


You’ll need:


  • a computer with internet access.


Follow these step-by-step instructions to download Windows Live Mail


Step 1: Open up Internet Explorer or an equivalent browser.



Step 3: Type "Windows Live essentials" in the search box and click on the magnifying glass.





Step 4: From the list of search results click on Windows Essentials - Download Windows Live Essentials




Step 5: You’ll be taken to a Windows Essentials page where you can choose which programs you are interested in. Scroll down to 'Other Programs' and click Learn more​.




Step 6: Click Download now.




Step 7: You’ll now be asked (via a pop-up box) whether you want to ‘Run’ the installation software or ‘Save’ it. Using the ‘Run’ option means that, instead of being downloaded on to your computer, the software will be located in a temporary folder, will automatically run the files and will start installation. ‘Save’ will install the files on to your computer’s hard drive, where they’ll wait for you to activate them. In this case, click Run on the pop-up box.


Step 8: If you don’t have the latest updates for Windows, or are using a different operating system, you may be asked to download some extra software at this point to get the best out of Windows Live. Follow the onscreen prompts to get the extra software so that you can continue. (Note: if you’re using Windows XP, you’ll be directed to a different download.)


Step 9: After updating if required, continue with the installation of Windows Essentials 2012. You will now be asked what you want to install from the options for Windows Live Essentials. The options will be to install all components of Windows Live Essentials or choose certain programs you want to install. If you want to install all of the utilities in Live Essential, click on install all of Windows Live Essentials and follow the onscreen prompts, otherwise click and choose the programs you want to install.




You will then be asked which programs you wish to install by putting a tick next to them. As this is a guide for Windows Live Mail, only ‘Mail’ should be selected and ticked. Click Install.


Step 10: The file will begin downloading.




Step 11: Once your download is complete, another dialogue box will open up saying that your download is done. Click Close to start using Windows Live Essentials.




Step 12: Windows Live Mail can now be opened from the ‘Start’ menu. You’ll be able to set up your account to start sending and receiving emails.




Karen Maxwell is a Digital Unite tutor and assessor/trainer of computer accessibility.

Download Windows Live Mail for free

Windows Live Mail is the new email client from Microsoft and replaces Windows Mail on Vista and Outlook Express on earlier versions of the Windows operating system. The program was released by the company because it stopped the development and support for the two older email clients.

Though, its main function is to help you manage your emails including sending, receiving and storing messages, the program is much more than a simple email client because it works as a news client, a blogging tool and an RSS reader.By the way, I have been using Windows Live Mail since the days of Windows Vista and never had any major problem. I’ve found it stable and competent.

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Understanding the need for better communication as well as email security issues, Microsoft has added many features to Windows Live Mail including the cool Photo-email that lets you send high resolution photographs from your digital camera without clogging the inbox of the recipients, automated junk email filter, a super fast search utility and much more.

Windows Live Mail – free download file available

Outlook Express could be downloaded with Internet Explorer web browser (till version 6) and Windows Mail was preinstalled on Vista; however, Windows Live Mail is available as a separate free download file from the web site. Downloading this file takes a couple of minutes (depending on your internet connection speeds) because it is less than 2.5MB. Make sure you save this executable file to a temporary folder on your computer and then proceed to Windows Live Mail installation.

Point your browser to the web site address to download Windows Live Mail.

Why has Microsoft released Windows Live Mail?

The reasons for introducing a new email client even though they had the popular Outlook Express and Windows Mail on Vista are known best to the company but we can always speculate.

I think the thrust came from the fact that Microsoft’s Hotmail (Windows Live Hot mail) was losing ground to Gmail an Yahoo!Mail. Though, Hotmail was one of the first services to offer free online email accounts, its subscriber base was very badly affected with the launch of 1GB Gmail and the loyalty of Yahoo!Mail users and their subsequent reward of an unlimited storage space inbox email account. Microsoft had to do something about this. They were laggards in increasing the mail account storage on Hotmail because of the mail protocol used on the service (DAV – Distributed Authoring and Versioning protocol) was not capable of handling large space inboxes. Furthermore, Gmail introduced free POP3 and IMAP and Microsoft’s earlier email clients connected to Hotmail using the older protocol.

Hotmail had to change. It got itself a got a new name (Windows Live Hotmail), large storage for emails and a new protocol called DeltaSynch. Since Outlook Express and Windows Mail did not work with the new email protocol, Windows Live Mail was introduced to the world.

I also believe that Microsoft realized a need to put forth a software package that lets users accomplish several tasks. Windows Live Mail has an RSS reader and a blogging tool in addition to it being a news client. The blogging utility allows you to update your Windows live Space blog (thus, pushing another service from the company).

How is Windows Live Mail different from Windows Mail and Outlook Express email clients?

The Windows Mail program is the default email client on the Vista operating system, replacing the popular and famous Outlook Express. In fact, I consider Windows Mail as Outlook Express version 7 because of the similarity in their interfaces and functionalities; the former, however, includes a couple of neat features – the automated junk email filter and a quick email search utility.

Windows Live Mail is huge leap for Microsoft. It not only does away with the Outlook Express tag but conforms to the “Live” brand that the company is striving hard to build. The program is radically different from the earlier email clients not only in its interface but also in its utility and functionality. Though, built on the foundations of Outlook Express, the new email client has many added features including Photo email, enhanced security, custom layout, RSS in your inbox, multiple account usage including Hotmail, Gmail and Yahoo!Mail etc.

How do I use Windows Live Mail client?

Windows Live Mail is primarily an email client. It lets you compose, send and receive email messages. Emails are stored on your computer which means you can check them even without an Internet connection. However, there is much more to this software. In addition to setting up multiple email accounts in Windows Live Mail, you can use it as a news client, a blogging tool and an RSS reader. Sending photographs taken from your digital camera is a breeze in this software because of the Photo email feature. Microsoft has also increased the security features in the client by adding an automated junk email filter that scans all incoming messages to protect you from spam and phishing attacks.

Microsoft urges all users of Outlook Express and Windows Mail to download Windows Live Mail and save time and increase their online productivity. The new email client, as mentioned before, has a lot to offer, looks stunning and is available as a downloadable file for both Vista and XP operating systems.

Download and install Windows Mail or Windows Live Mail

I have bad news and good news. The bad news first – There is no new version of Outlook Express. Microsoft has stopped further development of this email program and will not be supporting it in future.

Now the good news – Windows (Live) Mail – A better email client

I suppose we all thought that with the release of Internet Explorer 7.0, a newer version of Outlook Express would be available for download. This was not a very correct assumption. Microsoft did release a newer and better email client but they did away with the ‘Outlook Express’ tag.

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They just gave it a new name – Windows Mail and included it in the Vista operating system (read more about Windows Mail email software). [For those of you who could not find Outlook Express on Vista, don’t fear, it is there, however, known by a different name]

Windows Mail interface and layout is very similar to that of Outlook Express and you would be able to switch to the new software in no time. Two very good additions to this software are the automated filtering of junk and spam emails and the fast search utility located at the top right for your convenience.

In addition to Windows Mail, Microsoft released yet another email client and this time they named it Windows Live Mail. (Yes, trust MS to confuse us with another name change and that too, a similar sounding one). You can download it from the web site – This email client like Outlook Express is completely free.

New Outlook Express version – Windows Mail or the latest Windows Live Mail

Now that you know there is no Outlook Express 7.0, which one would you would you consider as the latest version of Outlook Express. Is it Windows Mail or Windows Live Mail? I would pick the former because I regard Windows Live Mail as a newer version of Windows Mail.If you have been using Outlook Express for a long time, I understand that you would want to get hold of its latest version. So we come to the all important question…

Download Windows Mail for the Windows 7

A Windows 7 based computer would probably come with the Windows Live Mail email client. If it doesn’t you can always download and install it for free. The GUI of this email program is quite different from its predecessors – Windows Mail Vista and Outlook Express. And not many people have taken to it. So can you go back to Windows Mail on Windows 7? Yes!

If you’ve been using Windows Mail and want it on Windows 7, I’ve got some good news and some bad news. Though Windows Mail is available on Windows 7, it’s hidden from view. Also, it’s slightly complicated to get it up and running smoothly on the new operating system. Refer get Windows Mail on Windows 7 for details.

Please note that Windows Mail is no longer being developed by Microsoft. The company strongly recommends users to shift to Windows Live Mail because it has stopped supporting the old email program.

Windows Mail or Windows Live Mail – which one should you use?

This is a tough one to answer. Personally, I am sticking to Windows Mail for a few months and would make the shift once I feel enough time has passed for Microsoft to iron out any bugs in Windows Live Mail. I suppose, by the time you read this, I would be on the latest email client. [Addition – I am now on Windows Live Mail – read the last section below]

However, if you have just acquired a computer with Vista operating system, I would suggest you start with Windows Live Mail and forget Windows Mail (the one that came free with the O.S.). Since Windows Live Mail is the latest software it would have more features and would definitely be superior in terms of performance and usability.

So shed a few tears for Outlook Express and download Windows Live Mail client. It is based on the foundations of the former and has better security, quick views, custom layouts, RSS, photo email etc.

Moving to Windows Live Mail

OK, I downloaded Windows Live Mail and shifted from Windows Mail. And, boy, I simply adore this piece of software. Just like Windows Mail, Windows Live Mail has improved email search functions and the Microsoft SmartScreen technology to weed out junk email – spam is automatically moved to the Junk E-mail folder. Also included is the anti-phishing filter which allows you to view the email message but blocks any links or dangerous content. The two other features I loved were the RSS and Photo-email. You can “send high-resolution photos without clogging the inboxes”. The recipients will see a thumbnail image in the email and when they click on it a full-sized picture will be displayed, “at a private Web location”. Additionally, basic photo editing features like adding borders and frames and controlling how the thumbnails are displayed are included.

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